Night Drive

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Last night I headed out with a few mates for a drive. First of all, don’t get me pegged as some chavvy bugger who just circles the main street of the town or sits in a car park showing of his car to his mates acting like its an extension of his penis, because I’m not. The drive I’m talking about here is picking up a few mates, heading down Aldi and Lidl to pick up some cheap snacks and drinks, then heading out round Donegal’s back roads and scenic areas from the wee hours of the night til the wee hours of the morning just chatting about stuff, you know,like life,the universe,religion,pokémon…you get the picture. It’s basically a night at the pub,but with moving scenery.*

Anyway, it’s been about a year since last I was out on one what with me being in Maynooth and everyone else being at their respective colleges or studying for the leaving cert, but in that year I’d forgotten how great a release it was,  just getting out and away from everything with the road stretching out in front of you and the window down just a little bit. It was our own little party on wheels.
Some of you are probably thinking ‘Well, why not just go to a pub and hang there instead?’, well,basically this is just different,all the tension just melts away, also there’s no chance of meeting some drunken eejit who wants to perform and make a show for everybody and then falls over himself as he tries to take a swing at you.

Another thing that made it a good night was that we finally set a date for our annual camping trip which I wasn’t sure was gonna happen this year, so that’s nice too.

*I do not condone drinking and driving. Seeing as I don’t drink at all,ever, a night at the pub involves no alcohol for me,nor did the driving. No laws were broken, no old ladies were killed.


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