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I might start updating this again, I tend to have some free time in the mornings now and it’d give me something to do while deciding what to do with the day.  Although I could forget about this post by the time I wake up tomorrow, ’cause that’s just the kinda guy I am!


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September 12, 2009 at 5:20 pm (Uncategorized)

I had to start putting all my stuff for the year ahead at Maynooth into the car today and all I have to say is this; fitting enough supplies to last you a year into one car and still leave enough room for 3 people to fit in is not an easy task. The clothes weren’t a problem since a) I don’t have that many and b) They’re soft and foldable and can therefore be stuffed in pretty much anyway you like. The troubles comes from the fact that I am a nerd,and therefore have many books and computer peripherals and a huge PC to boot. These are not soft or foldable and as such take much fitting and ‘gentle nudging’ to get in place. Luckily the hours of my life I spent playing Tetris as a youngster came into play and let me fit everything in  perfectly…And they say videogames are a waste of time, they’ve taught me way more than school ever have.

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Closing Time

September 2, 2009 at 9:13 pm (Uncategorized)

Okay, I’ve intended to post up a few things over the past weeks,but I haven’t had time which is rare for me because I’m lasy as hell and try to keep my free time as free as possible!

Anyway, onward to the postifying!

September is dawning on us now and that means summer is well and truely over with everyone returning to school or college in the next few days (or weeks in certain cases). Personally I couldn’t be happier about this since summer has been boring as hell here in Donegal. The first half of it was woeful since my PC was busted and I wasn’t able to wear shoes until halfway through July, this put a huge damper on what was set to be a fairly crap summer anyway, things continued being boring until the last week of July when I went camping for the week and had quite the epic week. After that things went back to the normal boring as hell regime of doing nothing particualarly productive althought they did continue to get slowly better as the return to Maynooth drew closer. Then, suddenly, in the last week of August awesomeness started happening. First there was the Lamas Fair which is kinda an annual tradition with us to mark the end of the summer and at which I buy shitloads of weaponry and oriental statues and such, then two days later I headed of to Belfast for Rise Against and then that weekend I took a trip to ASDA to load up on nonperishable  supplies for the year ahead.

This brings us to this week where I wait patiently for next week and the final return to Maynooth.



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Lucky Number 7

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Windows7 that is. I got it a few days ago and all I can says is DAMN!!!

This OS is perfection, it’s like they’ve taken all the best parts of Vista and then combined them with all the best parts of Ubuntu. Everything  just runs so smoothly too, despite the fact that it takes more to run 7 it actually runs much more quickly and has shorter loading times than Vista. Another thing is that it doesn’t ask you for permission to do things at every turn like Vista did, something that I immensely appreciate since it was my main gripe with Vista.

On top of that the icing on the cake is that it just has all these nice wee handy features like keystrokes and such that just make you think:

So Much Win Yeah,that’s pretty much what my face was after 10 minutes of running 7, it’s still stuck liek this today,even as I write this post.

All I need to do now is get my Rainmeter optimized and I’ll be all set for my life with Windows7…seriously,if you have any love for yourself or your computer GET IT!

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Night Drive

August 19, 2009 at 10:21 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , )

Last night I headed out with a few mates for a drive. First of all, don’t get me pegged as some chavvy bugger who just circles the main street of the town or sits in a car park showing of his car to his mates acting like its an extension of his penis, because I’m not. The drive I’m talking about here is picking up a few mates, heading down Aldi and Lidl to pick up some cheap snacks and drinks, then heading out round Donegal’s back roads and scenic areas from the wee hours of the night til the wee hours of the morning just chatting about stuff, you know,like life,the universe,religion,pokémon…you get the picture. It’s basically a night at the pub,but with moving scenery.*

Anyway, it’s been about a year since last I was out on one what with me being in Maynooth and everyone else being at their respective colleges or studying for the leaving cert, but in that year I’d forgotten how great a release it was,  just getting out and away from everything with the road stretching out in front of you and the window down just a little bit. It was our own little party on wheels.
Some of you are probably thinking ‘Well, why not just go to a pub and hang there instead?’, well,basically this is just different,all the tension just melts away, also there’s no chance of meeting some drunken eejit who wants to perform and make a show for everybody and then falls over himself as he tries to take a swing at you.

Another thing that made it a good night was that we finally set a date for our annual camping trip which I wasn’t sure was gonna happen this year, so that’s nice too.

*I do not condone drinking and driving. Seeing as I don’t drink at all,ever, a night at the pub involves no alcohol for me,nor did the driving. No laws were broken, no old ladies were killed.

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School Daze

August 14, 2009 at 5:06 pm (Uncategorized)

The Leaving Cert results came out this week. I have a good few mates who were waiting on them and I was pretty eager to find out how they all did although it has taken me a few days to find out in most cases since I had other experiments to attend to. The whole thing has brought back to me how I felt when I was getting mine; how relieved I was to finally have it all over and done with, not the results themselves, but the entire school experience. You see, the years I spent in that school were some of the worst ones I’ve had and I was more than glad to give it all the Royal FU and get on with life.

I managed to get through all the work alright, I got fairly high grades with putting in much (or any) work so the academic part of it didn’t cause me much bother but I didn’t really fit together with most of my peers, I found them fairly boring and they no doubt found me quite the oddball even voting me ‘Most Likely To Go Insane And Kill Everyone’ in the final year. The class year was filled mainly with really thick redneck culchies who tolerated nothing outside of the norm, everything had to be buzzcut culchie hair,dance music and so on otherwise you were made an outcast. I know this sounds like the usual clicky stuff that happens everywhere, and up until a certain stage I just accepted it as that.  Anyway, being an outcast from the masses I hung about with the rest of the outcasts more out of shared interests than innermost friendship, I did consider them as friends, but not on the same vein as people I knew from outside the school, for example I never hung out with them outside of school hours and now I’ve pretty much cut off contact with them. For the first few years I never really hated anyone, sure I didn’t get on well with the cluchies,but I never hated them. But after the Junior Cert was over I felt my dislike of them begin, this was more due to events outside the school than them being ugly to me,but that’s another post for another day.

This trend of accepting all the shit things my classmates did as just being the norm for teenagers continued up until 5th Year (That’s the year of the Leaving Cert, jsut so we’re all clear). This year brought me to the darkest point in my life due to events outside of school. I got into really dark moods and my contempt for my peers reached breaking point, half the time I just wished they would grow up and realise that they were making life hell for some people, they never did, they still haven’t. The other half of the time I would speak nonchalantly of how I would violently murder them, they accepted this as a running joke and I don’t think they ever really sensed my annoyance with them. The teachers were another matter, I got on with them fairly well throughout the course of my education by being vaguely interested in most of the stuff they covered and I reckon they could sense my general contempt for my classmates. At this point even my group of outcasts was beginning to tire me since all they ever did was talk about each other behind each others back, why they couldn’t just accept their friends for who they were disturbed me greatly (once again this is due to events that had happened outside the school over the course of my life). So basically there was nothing positive for me in the school, I hated everyone outside of our group, no one in the group was particularly close to me and the teachers attitude to the approaching exams was grinding on me…Then, about a month before the exams everything went to hell, not just me, everything!

One of the best loved teachers in the school died, this meant everyone was grieving and the bitching got to an all time high, fights broke out and chaos was come again. Despite efforts on part of the staff to mend the rifts nothing really went together.  Then one week before the exams one of the students in our year died. This brought everyone back together in sadness and the bitching stopped for long enough to let everyone mend their friendships, but for me it hit deeper, the lad that died had been known to everyone else in our year for the 5 years of secondary school but he had been in the same class as me ever since I started school way back in the day, we’d never really been close, but something about that fact just set me off. I was no stranger to death since I’d lost many of my friends outside the school to suicide so I don’t know why the death of two people I wasn’t too close to affected me so much, I still don’t,  it may have just been the culmination of the two deaths plus everything going on out of school.

All through this I’d never really shown that it was affecting me, but some of my closest friends knew that not all was well so they decided to have our annual camping trip a bit earlier than usual and had it the weekend before the exams began to see if it would help lighten my mood a bit. It didn’t.

All this just served to drive home the fact that I needed to get away from my town as soon as possible and so I just got on with the exams and made sure to do enough to secure me enough points to get into college but in the middle of the exams the pent up stress decided to show itself during Irish Paper 2 for which I just walked into the exam hall, got my paper and then proceeded to write ‘I Hate This Shit’ once per line the whole way through the first half of the answer book before handing it in again without having answered a single actual question.

After the exams ended I just went on with life as usual and waited for the results. I knew I’d done well enough to get where I wanted so I wasn’t worried about them, I just wanted to collect them and get gone as soon as I could without too much talking or reminiscing. My Irish teacher (Who was the most epic teacher in the history of teachers in my opinion) kept saying how worried she was about my Irish result since I left so early on the day but she was pretty pleased with the result considering I spent so little time on Paper 2, if only she knew what was actually on the pages after that short time. After I got my results I just thanked a few of the teachers who were particularly good and then left, I didn’t bother going to the after party that night, I jsut called up a few mates to see how they did,then we had our own party on the beach.

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Mathematical Science My Ass

August 13, 2009 at 7:28 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

One of my mates had a repeat Math exam yesterday and he aint too confident with how he did and now he’s quite sure he’ll have to repeat 1st year, I feel partially responsible for this as I skipped out on most of the math lectures since I’d already covered most of them during the course of higher level math for leaving cert and I thought he did as well, towards the end of the year I found out he only did ordinary and so we presented ourselves at more lectures.

The bones of this post will be however on the Math course, not how he did in the exam. One thing that has eternally annoyed me about Math is that, after a bit of basic knowledge, it is completely pointless. I remember sitting in Math classes for Leaving Cert and just thinking ‘What’s the fucking point? When is differentiation ever gonna benefit me in real life? Why would I ever wanna integrate anything when there are other easier methods?’ ‘You’ll need it if you wanna go on to teach math’ was my teacher’s usual response. This circular argument always annoyed me too, many a class was wasted on these arguments between my teacher and me. I wasn’t bad at Math (I got a B) but it always just seemed so utterly pointless.

Secondly, a lot of it has no real reason or proof behind it, or maybe it does but we were never shown it. This was especially shown during Calculus I + II sections of the course. There was a lot of guess work and taking parts of equations away to nothingness or assuming that something was equal to something and other such nonsense. Even without taking that into account we were always given steps to doing something,but never actually told or shown why these steps were important or true, just to do them and nothing more. So we got the ‘How’ part of the formula, but not the ‘Why’, another thing that seemed pointless to me.

In summary, a lot of stuff I’ve been told concerning Math is down to believing that it works without being given any proof, indeed that’s how it seems to be with even the big Math-heads who come up with the rubbish, it was only proved a few years ago that 1 + 1 actually does =2 up until then its was just taken for granted that 1+1=2. But what if some of the stuff taken for granted in math is actually wrong? What then?  After all, science doesn’t put faith in belief,everything is down to rigorous testing and proof, because of this I reckon Math isn’t really a science… It’s a religion!

I wonder if my mate declared himself as one would he get a free ticket to second year?

I wonder if my mate declared himself as one would he get a free ticket to second year?

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So, I Guess This Is My Blog

August 12, 2009 at 2:16 pm (Uncategorized)

Right, well, I don’t think I’ll be updating much at the minute,just getting it started up now, trying to decide on one of the premade themes until my knowledge of CSS allows me to create one of my own, so far my favourites are this theme ‘Dusk’ and then ‘ChaoticSoul‘, I’ll likely end up switching between them from time to time as my mood suits until my college course covers CSS in depth.

And then after the theme comes the ever important title. So far ones I’ve been toying with are:

1)The Laughing Man

2)What I Thought I’d Do…

3)Ask Me No Questions, I’ll Tell You No Lies

Although knowing me I’ll likely end up choosing something completely off the wall like a Bill Watterson quote or some Meat Loaf lyrics.

And thus ends the first entry of my blog, ’twasn’t too bad, now let’s see if I can keep to it at a weekly basis.

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