September 12, 2009 at 5:20 pm (Uncategorized)

I had to start putting all my stuff for the year ahead at Maynooth into the car today and all I have to say is this; fitting enough supplies to last you a year into one car and still leave enough room for 3 people to fit in is not an easy task. The clothes weren’t a problem since a) I don’t have that many and b) They’re soft and foldable and can therefore be stuffed in pretty much anyway you like. The troubles comes from the fact that I am a nerd,and therefore have many books and computer peripherals and a huge PC to boot. These are not soft or foldable and as such take much fitting and ‘gentle nudging’ to get in place. Luckily the hours of my life I spent playing Tetris as a youngster came into play and let me fit everything in¬† perfectly…And they say videogames are a waste of time, they’ve taught me way more than school ever have.


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Closing Time

September 2, 2009 at 9:13 pm (Uncategorized)

Okay, I’ve intended to post up a few things over the past weeks,but I haven’t had time which is rare for me because I’m lasy as hell and try to keep my free time as free as possible!

Anyway, onward to the postifying!

September is dawning on us now and that means summer is well and truely over with everyone returning to school or college in the next few days (or weeks in certain cases). Personally I couldn’t be happier about this since summer has been boring as hell here in Donegal. The first half of it was woeful since my PC was busted and I wasn’t able to wear shoes until halfway through July, this put a huge damper on what was set to be a fairly crap summer anyway, things continued being boring until the last week of July when I went camping for the week and had quite the epic week. After that things went back to the normal boring as hell regime of doing nothing particualarly productive althought they did continue to get slowly better as the return to Maynooth drew closer. Then, suddenly, in the last week of August awesomeness started happening. First there was the Lamas Fair which is kinda an annual tradition with us to mark the end of the summer and at which I buy shitloads of weaponry and oriental statues and such, then two days later I headed of to Belfast for Rise Against and then that weekend I took a trip to ASDA to load up on nonperishable¬† supplies for the year ahead.

This brings us to this week where I wait patiently for next week and the final return to Maynooth.



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